we’ve got dates!

Had my second ultrasound + heard back from the doctor.

My estrogen levels are a little lower than they’d like so I am starting an estrogen supplement. We will do the shot on Friday to trigger ovulation and then have the IUI procedure on Sunday. 2 weeks after that we test.

They then informed me that they did see some small cysts around my ovaries on my ultrasound indicating that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

This is scary to me, but not all bad news. We will still move forward with the IUI this cycle so lots of prayers would be wonderful as unfortunately we are not going into this with our best foot forward.

If the IUI doesn’t take and we don’t get pregnant we will take a month off. PCOS can be treated with an oral medication as the root cause of PCOS is a hormonal imbalance. So if we do not get pregnant this month we will take a month off and I will do a full month of metformin + birth control. Though, when the nurse was telling me this she ended by saying, “You’ve got great follicles this month so my hope for you is that you get pregnant and we won’t even have to worry about it!” We’ve truly got a fantastic army on our side!

Regardless of if we get pregnant or not, I will start that medication soon. They just have to do some tests on my liver which they will do with the blood they took. I will continue to take this, the estradiol, and progesterone supplements all throughout my first trimester of pregnancy, whenever that is.

Holding onto the positives, we are working with an amazing doctor + team of nurses, we are moving forward with IUI THIS SUNDAY, and this team + their treatment plans are going to take care of us and we will get pregnant with our baby — even if it’s 7 months from now. I have come up with a mantra to keep me positive, no matter what and Sunday after the procedure we are going to buy something baby to continue feeling positive.

Counting down the days to April 4th.

My body, mind, and heart are ready. This is His plan. This is our time. We WILL get pregnant!

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