for 849 days we have prayed + he has answered!


The day we found out, I woke up at 1:30am with the urge to use the restroom but knew I wanted to take a test that morning. I tried so hard to ignore the urge and go back to sleep but I ended up just flopping around like a fish for an hour. I finally gave in but decided I’d do the test right then, because knowing me I wouldn’t need to go again in the morning.

I walked into the bathroom telling myself over and over again it would be negative. Shortly after the latest IUI procedure I had been pretty sure it didn’t take and the last few days even more sure.

So, I had been preparing myself. And the only reason I decided to take a test at home was because it was Memorial Day so our blood test at the doctor was delayed to Tuesday. (And with last times negative I just knew I needed to mentally prepare myself a bit.)

So here I was at 2:30am peeing on a stick in our cabin bathroom between my sleeping husband + my sleeping in laws.

As the result started to show itself, I prepared more. I started to get a little teary because I just knew what was coming. But. I saw what maybe could have possibly been a second line.

My heart started to race. I set the test on the counter, checked the time on my phone and forced myself to look away for the next three minutes. And when I looked back, there was no denying it. It. Was. Positive.

That was the very first time I had ever seen a plus sign.

Now, knowing that the next day we had our scheduled blood test, I had to stay a little hesitant, yah know – keep it cool until it’s official. But I couldn’t help but shed tears of infinite joy and just stop to praise God. To thank him over + over.

When I pulled myself together I tiptoed back into our bedroom, turned on the bed side table light, and gently woke Adam. While he was definitely still half asleep, I quietly told him to look and put the stick I just peed on in his face.

It took a minute for him to realize what he was looking at, but when he did, he just hugged me tight. And naturally, I cried some more. He too was remaining a bit hesitant, but couldn’t help but exclaim the joy and excitement that little plus sign gave him. (Before passing back out.)

I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. How could I? It was a long 30 hours before we got our blood test.

Naturally after my night of little sleep I decided we better buy one more test and try again. So off to Walmart we went + this time we went digital. And when that “pregnant” flashed on the screen it was impossible to keep it between us.

So first we told mama sue, then Adam told Rich and I called my parents. I tricked my mom into thinking I wanted to FaceTime to show her the new farm house and when she answered the phone, man did she FLIP out! I just let the camera focus on the word “pregnant” and as soon as she realized what she was looking and she started sobbing and yelling and trying to tell my dad, who was sitting right next to her.

Once everyone calmed down, mom told me that when we found out earlier that weekend, that Sadie (our family dog, who was a Christmas present to me 11 years ago) had cancer, my sister said “Now Aly really needs to get pregnant, she needs that right now.”

She sure is a wise 10 year old. And it looks like God agreed with her.


Our dear friend Courtney Anderson kindly lent us her talents and took these beautiful announcement photos for us that I just had to include in this blog post!

God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience but it’s worth the wait. After 849 days of prayers by us, our families, our friends, and I’m certain by people we didn’t even know — God has blessed us with our miracle!

Words can’t even begin to describe the feelings of excitement, joy, and gratefulness that have filled our hearts each + every day since we found out about baby. Baby Meech is due to meet us February 5 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited to share in this journey with all of you!




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