Long before my brain was filled with hexagonal color codes, an invisible grid and an absurd amount of type faces I dreamed of becoming a spy/detective.

And I pretended to be one well into my pre-teen years, a little bit longer than the average girl playing make believe with her best friend. We had secret hand signals and code names and even a spy tool belt, (I blame Harriet for that one).

While I continue my secret passion for detective work in the tv shows, books + movies I binge on, my life is a bit more low key. 

While taking a bit of a hiatus from the place I call home, I trekked my little two door sports car through the ice + snow all the way up to Be(rrr)midji, for four years full of graphic design, the best friendships, and meeting the love of my life.

Fast forward two and a half years from graduation, I’m working in a job I couldn’t love more, married to the man I met my very first day of college, surrounded by the most supportive friends + family, and attempting to start a family of my own.

When I first decided to start blogging again, I truly had no purpose. I’ve dabbled in the blog world in the past, kept a diary a time or two and I’d recently got the itch to start writing about my life again.

Something I’ve learned recently is that trying to start a family is hard. And it just dawned on me, that high school was hard too and one of the things that got me through, was writing.

So here I am, getting ready to pour my heart out in the form of a blog.

Some weeks it may consist of baby-makin woes, maybe a work story or two, the sometimes craziness of being a city girl married to a country boy, or i’ll just compile all the random thoughts I’ve got rolling through my head.

Basically I just needed somewhere to share with someone (or no one) a little bit of whats Up My Aly.