toe pick

I’ve gone from skating every day warm enough to be outside (and some days that weren’t so warm) to skating every few years or so.

This is our second winter at the cabin but our first one with hardly any snow. When I saw the state of the ice (natural ice rink perfection) I just knew it was time to put skates on again.

So we drove into town and started the hunt for skates my size. What I thought was my only hope, let me down with a shelf full of a hockey skates. And I’m a toe pick kind of girl.

Luckily, the local hardware store had a handful of used ice skates and one pair fit just right. Ten dollars, two new laces and short drive later, I was ready to break them in.

Fast forward two days, the timing and lighting finally lined up for Adam’s mom to join us down on the ice. So we bundled ourselves up, gathered up our skates and headed down the hill to the lake.

Adam build us a mini fire right on the ice as I laced up my sharp new skates over my three layers of wool socks.

Getting on my feet again, I was a little nervous but a few stumbles and a crack in the ice later I was zipping around just like I used to.

We all wobbled our way backwards and forwards, attempted one footed glides, and spins as fast as we could. Well some moves ended on our butts (somehow I managed not to fall) and our toes felt like falling off, it was a night I won’t forget.

Thank God for my wonderful in-laws and the place we call cabin.


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