back to blogging

The other day, I was given a God wink, in seriously the most beautiful way, to keep blogging.

Writing through our infertility journey was a way for me to cope, to sort my way through my feelings, and just put it out there in the universe.

I should do that with the happy walks of life too right?

My journey to motherhood was hard, and my journey through motherhood will inevitably have it’s hard days as well as its beautiful ones. So, why not write them all down?

I’m going to use this post here to keep myself accountable by listing a few of the things I’d really like to write down.

» my birth story.
» my journey with nursing.
» that one time an (ancient) doctor told me my baby girl might need surgery over a little spit up.
» how deciding to stay home was simultaneously the easiest and hardest decision I’ve ever made.
» that time I tried to meal prep.
» how important body image has become to me.
» how both me + my daughter have some serious fomo.
» teaming up with my long time bestie to start our very own biz.
» sleep. what is it? I’m not sure if I remember.
» have infant, will travel.

Okay that’s just the stuff I could come up with while Eloise finished nursing. So I know I’ve got it in me.

Time to get back at it.


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