paris is always a good idea

Let me paint you a picture. (You probably won’t find this one at the Louvre.)

Ever since I was read my very first Madeline book and watched my very first Madeline movie, I have been obsessed with Paris.

I would day dream, normal dream, doodle, think about, talk about and plan my first trip to see all the wonderful places Madeline had her adventures.

I took French in high school. I’ve watched French films. I buy Eiffel Tower trinkets. I buy French artwork. I’m completely obsessed with croissants. 

But I’ve still never been to Paris. 

Last Sunday, was a beautiful Minnesota mashup of Summer meets Fall weather and Adam + I couldn’t just sit inside, we knew we had to go soak up some patio time.

So we headed down to our favorite little patio on the St.Croix river, to eat our favorite cheese plate. (Seriously, look at how good this is.)

While we waited for our table we were chatting about Paris. A topic of conversation that isn’t unusual for me, but especially because some of our best friends are headed there in just a few short weeks.

We talked about how envious I was, about how we talk about it and we plan about it, but we never actually book it. — Most recently, I planned an entire 3 week European adventure for next Spring and said listen here Adam, If we don’t have ourselves a baby cookin’ by January, I’m booking this trip. 

Adam has mentioned a few times here and there that 3 weeks is too long and how really, he hates to plan that much. (Which is funny, because I love to plan, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.)

As I entered day dreaming mode, I mentioned how wonderful it would be if we could just drop everything + pick up and go for our anniversary in October.

Then I entered planning mode and looked up the cost of tickets. Surprisingly enough they were the same cost as the ones I was looking at for the Spring.

At that point the hostess came to seat us, and the idea sort of felt done + over with, like it was just that, another Paris idea. 

But then, Adam BOOKED it.

I was literally bursting with emotions. From my eye balls. Tears, so many tears.

I still have to wake up each morning and pinch myself to remember that it’s really happening. In 35 days I will be in PARIS.

I don’t think I can put into words quite how it feels to have put years + years + years of dreaming and planning and hoping for this day to come and now to finally have it be here. And just like that. 

Now excuse me while I go practice my French.

Au revoir,

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