maybe i’m an intrapreneur, too

This past week I’ve been frequently referring to myself as a workaholic.

Even now, after a 10+ hour day, I’m sitting on my couch writing a blog instead of, I don’t know, watching mindless TV or going for a walk or something.

Tonight it hit me. I’m not a workaholic, maybe just maybe, I’m an Intrapreneur.

»» Intrəprəˈnər • Noun • A manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing. ««

Working alongside THE intrapreneur herself, you think I would have seen it coming. But I was completely blindsided.

Now, I have always been in love with tena.cious and have always been overly passionate about my work and pretty much since day one, I’ve been deemed a “lifer”.

It was not that long ago that I started to acquire my very own design team. Tena and I met a few times to figure out how having these awesome peeps on our team would work, what their tasks would be, who’d they would “report” to, etc.

I was slowly transitioning away from the graphic design intern I started out as into a leader I was never really sure I could be. « A little bit of self confidence issue, #ImWorkingOnIt.

You’d think that would have been the turning point for me, but nope, it’s been months since then.

Maybe it was when I made my first big sale, all on my own? Close, but no cigar.

Just last week I decided to buy a ginormous calendar + a handful of stickies to map out every single website project we had our hands in.

As I hung up my work of art, for real it’s color coded + everything, I suddenly felt a sense of ownership + pride + real deal leadership over every single one of those stickies.

As projects started to shift, new things came up, and to be honest I started to see the ball drop, I could feel it kicking in.

I worked harder + longer days, I guided my team + helped to pick up tasks that weren’t getting finished. I had my hand at some hard stuff too, I got frustrated, I raised my voice, I typed manically as I tried to solve problems + get.shit.done.

Tonight, I came home feeling on top of my projects for the first time in a long time and it was in that moment of, honestly, pure bliss + excitement, that this thought came to me.

i’m not sure if I get to declare myself an intrapreneur or if my boss officially has to dub me that, but I sure feel like one.


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