y’all come back now

This isn’t my first time in the lone star state. It’s not even my first time in Dallas, or McKinney if we’re getting specific.

But a trip felt like a good reason to write a blog post. 

Adam, being the weirdo I love, was overly excited to get to the airport early + just hang out. Unfortunately, when your flight is delayed nearly 2 hours, just hanging out at the airport gets real old, real fast.

Flying spirit has it’s perks, like paying $170 total round trip, but it also has it’s down falls, like sitting the straightest I’ve ever sat.Hey, at least I got to work on my posture. 

A milkshake, a game of gin + a quick snooze later we were in finally in Dallas.

The first two days of “vacation” consisted of finding places to work due to my brothers lack of quality internet connection.

When Thursday hit, we were ready for some serious fun, down time + real vacation-ing. 

We spend real vacation day one exploring the town of McKinney. Donut shops were everywhere, like Starbucks in NYC everywhere. Adam being the donut lover he is, we had to give at least one of the shops a try — and let me tell you, they were fantastic.

McKinney is not a small town but it has one of those small town downtowns that is a tourist must see. Everything was adorable.We wandered in + out of shops, fueled our bellies at a Texas farm to table restaurant and snatched up some delicious slices of pieto share.

Now I’m sure I’ve been caught saying how much I dislike golf on many occasions, so I don’t blame Adam for not believing me when I said I wanted to go hit some golf balls at one of those three story driving ranges. But I was serious + it was seriously fun. 

My terrible swing didn’t stop us from going back with Alex + Brittany when they didn’t work. I would most definitely recommend checking out a Top Golf if you have one near you!

On Friday, Adam + I took an 145 mile bonus trip to Waco, TX. Where I got to fulfill an HGTV addict’s dream by visiting Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Market.

Fixer Upper is my absolutely favorite show on HGTV + I’d give anything to have the Gaines’ help me with my dream home, so when I found out she re-opened her shop I just had to go. Luckily we flew, so I couldn’t let myself buy everything in sight.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, just spending some good quality time with Alex + Britt. We ate, we golfed, we dress shopped, we played cards, drank a little + ate a ton of BBQ.

Mother nature has an interesting sense of humor. 

At 3:30 Monday morning, the rain was pouring down but in Texas, apparently even rain is scary. With the prospect of ice + snow in the near future, our flight was canceled.

So we have been officially stuck in Texas, until now.

Despite the hiccups, Texas has been one hell of an adventure. We got to take a break from real life, explore new places and score some quality time with two of our favorite people.


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